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Importance of Sweets

Oils are the one of the major source of fatty acids that are very important for human health—called “essential fatty acids.”

While consuming some oil is needed for health, oils still contain calories. In fact, oils and solid fats both contain about 120 calories per tablespoon. That`s why, the amount of oil consumed needs to be limited to balance total calorie intake. To find out how many calories you need every day, take sweets from Marhaba Trading.


Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is a well famous sweet treat that also has a lot of health benefits. It contains flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals, which can cause damage that leads to heart disease.

As chocolate has ingredients beneficial to health, it does not mean you should overeat chocolate. Overeating of anything is not good for health; Chocolate bars and candies are often high in fat, sugar and calories. Moderation is always the key and dark chocolate conveys more benefits than milk chocolate!

Sweets, Candy, Gummy, Marshmallow, Nicos Chewy Candy, Gee Chewy Candy, Jelly Beans and fats can contribute to optimum health due to the health promoting phytochemicals they may contain – many of which are still being identified.

Importance of Aloe Vera juices:

Many people know that Aloe Vera soothes dry skin, sunburn, and other skin irritations, but many people do not know a lot of health benefits the plant offers when it’s consumed. For example, modern scientific research has proved that Aloe Vera Juices help the immune system in the human body & encourages normal blood sugar, and reduces redness and swelling. Best of its, entire natural and totally safe.

In addition to its many internal health benefits, drinking Aloe Vera juice is great because it enables you to ingest the plant’s nutrients without dealing with the unpleasant taste of fresh Aloe. It also helps to take the guesswork out of what you should actually consume, as the aloe’s inner & outer leaves properties are so high.

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Our Brands

Nicos Chewy Candy

Nicos Bulk Chewy Candy

Nicos Stick Roll

Gee Chewy Candy

Gee Stick Roll

Fruit 10 Juice With Aloe Vera 350ml

Fruit 10 Fruit Juice With Vitamin C 350ml

Fruit 10 Juice With Aloe Vera 15l

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Gummy 150g

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Gummy 320g

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Gummy 1kg

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Gummy Sour 100g

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Gummy 280g

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Sour Gummy 600g

Lot 100 Fruit Flavoured Yogo Gummy 120g

Asli Gummy 100g

Fantasi Gummy 800g

Bulk Gummy 1kg

Nisa Gummy 100 Pieces

Chili Mili

Jello Mello Gummys

Fruit Tube 35g

Super Twister Marshmallows

Puffs Party Marshmallows

Puffs Mini Marshmallows

Twister Marshmallow

Bisconni Biscuits And Cookies

Cocomo Biscuits

Lavish Crackers

SF Crackers


Lot 100 Hard Candy

Jelly Beans

Lot 100 Fruit Drops Candy Tins

Lunch Boxes



Marhaba Trading …………..  ‘’ Swetening Your Health and Life  ‘’

Our main product lines (all imported) are Fruit Flavoured Gummy’s , Aloe Vera Juices with real aloe vera bits ,Marshmallows ,Chewy Dragees Soft Inner Candy ,Assorted Candy , Biscuits  and Crackers of which we have a wide variety  .


We are striving daily to bring you  quality products that are good tasting and satisfying .

We have a dedicated well trained staff who are key in providing you an efficient service every time.

We are actively involved in promoting and advertising our products .

Everyone has a craving for something sweet ,whether  it be chocolates ,sweets ,marshmallows, juices ,we are confident that we have something for you that you will most certainly enjoy.


Marhaba Trading our story.

Started in 2005 ‘’ by the way ‘’ with only 14 different flavours of LOT 100 FRUIT FLAVOURED GUMMY’S ,

We quickly realised that the niche market out there needed our  quality products and speedy service.

Today we have increased our range of products considerably consisting of  Fruit Flavoured Gummy’s , Aloe Vera Juices ,Marshmallows,Biscuits ,Crackers ,Cookies ,Chocopie marshmallow filled biscuits ,Chewy Dragees  , etc   and have a dedicated staff who are trained and committed to providing a professional and efficient service to our customer’s everytime you deal with us.

Marhaba Trading has grown into a fully fledged wholesale and distribution business carefully selecting products from our partner manufactures in different parts of the world to bring all these delicious mouth watering products to  the beautiful people of our country  to enjoy time and time again.


In the market you will find  our famous brands such as  LOT 100 GUMMY’S,LOT 100 CANDY , FRUIT 10 ALOE VERA JUICES ,ASLI GUMMY’S , FANTASI GUMMY’S , PUFFS AND TWISTER MARSHMALLOWS , NICOS CHWEY DRAGEES ,GEE CHEWY DRAGEES ,CHOCOPIE BISCUITS , LAVISH CRACKERS ,SF CRACKERS ,CANDYLAND CHILI MILI ,ETC that we constantly promote and advertise via in house promotions ,radio ,television and regular participation of trade exhibitions and other exhibitions.

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